COVID 19 - Support

Acer Accounts wants to show its support for the fight against COVID 19 and is offering a free tax reclaim service to all NHS staff and also a free service to those self employed people who will not benefit from the governments support scheme

NHS workers and other frontline staff

You may be eligible for a Tax refund if you have worked in the last 4 years and have been paying tax, we at Acer accounts will be please to assist you in your tax reclaim for FREE (i.e. we do not have any hidden fees, what is your tax refund is 100% yours) in our fight to ensure that all NHS staff receive the full tax benefit that is due to them in this difficult time.

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Eligibility for Tax Refund

  • Can claim tax refund from the previous 4 years if you have worked and paid tax during this period

  • Can claim tax on the cost of washing your uniform

  • Can claim on any costs incurred on food or overnight stays that your employer has not paid back to you

  • Can claim for fees or subscriptions that are paid to approved professional organisations (such as Royal College of Nursing) that are required for you to do your job

  • Can claim for costs for mileage and fuel regardless if you use your own vehicle or a company vehicle

  • Can claim for any costs needed to purchase small works tools

 Next Steps:-


Email us at requesting free support on your tax return claim, we will then confirm your details before processing your claim.

Self Employed - Free Accounts Preparation 

For all those self employed people who do not qualify for the government support scheme due to not meeting the criteria due to the fact you are a new business and have suffered due to this COVID 19 outbreak, Acer Accounts will support you by preparing your first year set of accounts / self assessment for FREE to all those businesses struggling financially under the current burden. This will apply to your first year of self assessment to assist those businesses through this difficult phase.

Please use the contact form below.