• Helen White

Acer Accounts Business Start Up (Extract)

Step Nine – Sales.

Regardless of your products or services there will be a requirement to sale and generate revenues. There are several techniques and strategies that can be employed and it is important that you can identify and deploy them accordingly to ensure that you continue to develop revenue for your company.

When talking to customers ask for commitment but do not be too instance, it’s a delicate balance to ensure that you do not come across too pushy. You need to ensure that you listen to your clients and understand when they need and that they want.

Without a doubt you will get a “no” but this is part of the process and you must get used to this and keep going accordingly. It is important that you have the mentality to keep going and make selling a key priority within your business because sales mean revenue and this is necessary to ensure that your business survives.

To generate sales you will need to ensure that you have a good back office function, i.e. bookkeeping and accounting function to enable you to keep effective tracking of your sales.

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