• Helen White

Acer Accounts Business Start-up Guide

Step Two – Develop a Business Plan.

You need to understand your target market, you need to be clear on your unique selling point and you need to be able to demonstrate that you have a clear understanding of how your business will work. This will include plans/research on who will be buying your goods or services and how you will deliver on marketing, sales, finance and the operation. You will need to maintain proper accounting records which may mean enlisting the help of an accountant or you could do the bookkeeping and accounting in house, though it is useful to engage a tax advisor early on to ensure all regulatory affairs such as self assessment are taken care of.

This all needs to be articulated in a business plan that will demonstrate that you have completed effective market research that shows that you know your potential customers, you know the size of your potential target market, you know how you intend to win new business and that you have the right skills in place to deliver the service or goods to your customers that will enable you to deliver your business plan goals and make a profit.

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