• Helen White

Acer Accounts Business Start-up Guide Extract

Step Four – Financing.

You need to ensure that you have enough finance to get the business off the ground and running. Though self-funding seems the easiest option this can still be very stressful since all your funds and savings are tied up in the business. An alternative would be to look for people who have money and are looking to invest in businesses. There may be family, friends and colleagues who will be keen to invest in a new business or alternatively there is a large network of UK business angels.

Funds can also be raised by banks that specialise in start-ups and government backed start up loans company. There are brokers out there who will help you source the best deals, good business plans prepared by chartered accountants can help by ensuring the validity of the plan. It will account for taxation and on going costs such as bookkeeping and accounting. There are a number of ways to raised finance but it will depend on your current circumstances, business plan/idea and determination so if at first you do not succeed try, try again!

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